The watchmaker begins the service process by removing the movement from the case & then
removing the hands & dial from the movement. The technician then completely disassembles the movement, one screw at a time, gear by gear.

The technician carefully examines the individual components for wear or damage, evaluating which
parts need replacing, refinishing or repair.

The components are then separated into small,
specially designed, individual baskets. They are then ready for the cleaning process.

Universal's Technicians perform the cleaning process using the most modern horological cleaning equipment.

During the cleaning process, the separate components of the watch movement are ultrasonically cleaned in specially formulated watch cleaning and rinsing solutions. These solutions remove any particles or contaminants and emulsify dry oil and congealed lubricants.

When the Watchmaker is satisfied that all of the components are clean, he then begins to reassemble
the movement.

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